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    Saturday, June 20th, 2015
    12:23 am

    REEVES, Henley
    FANDOM⥤ Now You See Me
    CANON/AU/OC⥤ Canon
    CANON POINT⥤ Post-Movie

    JOURNAL⥤ [info]needshandcuffs
    PLAYER NAME⥤ Bridget

    12:23 am

    CHARACTER NAME⥤ Henley Reeves
    FANDOM⥤ Now You See Me
    CANON POINT⥤ Post-Movie
    ANYTHING ELSE⥤ You can reach me at koijamas@yahoo.com
    Monday, December 30th, 2013
    9:19 pm
    War is Coming

    Name: Bridget
    Age: 21+
    Email/AIM: koijamas@yahoo.com
    Timezone: EST
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    Tuesday, November 19th, 2013
    12:57 am
    Henley’s Playlist

    32 Flavors by Ani DiFranco
    Squint your eyes and look closer / I’m not between you and your ambition / I am a poster girl with no poster / I am thirty-two flavors and then some / And I’m beyond your peripheral vision / So you might want to turn your head / ‘Cause someday you’re going to get hungry / And eat most of the words you just said

    for danny & henley

    Tunnel of Love by Bruce Springsteen
    Cuddle up, angel / Cuddle up, my little dove / We’ll ride down, baby, into this tunnel of love / I can feel the soft silk of your blouse / And them soft thrills in our little fun house / Then the lights go out and it’s just the three of us / You, me, and all that stuff we’re so scared of

    Divorce Song by Liz Phair
    It’s harder to be friends than lovers / And you shouldn’t try to mix the two / ‘Cause if you do it and you’re still unhappy / Then you know that the problem is you / And it’s true that I stole your lighter / And it’s also true that I lost the map / But when you said that I wasn’t worth talking to / I had to take your word on that

    Slow Dancing In a Burning Room by John Mayer
    It’s not a silly little moment / It’s not the storm before the calm / This is the deep and dying breath of / This love that we’ve been working on / Can’t seem to hold you like I want to / So I can feel you in my arms / Nobody’s gonna come and save you / We pulled too many false alarms

    Trigger Happy Jack by Poe
    And after a while he calms down / And he looks at me like a prince / But I know I better bite the bullet / ‘Cause it’s just another one of his Jedi mind tricks / But this ain’t no head trip honey / This is a collision on the road / And you’ve got me feeling oh just like roadkill / And you know deep down I know

    Town Called Heartbreak by Patti Scialfa
    She says “Man, I’ve given you my flesh and blood / But that just wasn’t good enough / You wanted my soul” / He says “Girl, no matter how hard I try / You just ain’t ever satisfied / Oh, no, no, no”

    for magic

    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police
    Every little thing she does is magic / Everything she do just turns me on / Even though my life before was tragic / Now I know my love for her goes on

    Magic by The Cars
    Oh, oh, it’s magic / When I’m with you / Oh, oh, it’s magic / You know it’s true
    Sunday, October 6th, 2013
    10:43 pm
    Contact Post
    Name: Bridget
    Age: 21+
    E-Mail: koijamas@yahoo.com

    Comment here or contact me via email!
    Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
    10:57 pm
    points for carnaval_mod
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    7:07 pm
    Application for carnaval_mod

    NAME/ALIAS: Bridget
    ARE YOU OVER 18?: Yes
    CONTACT DETAILS: koijamas@yahoo.com

    CANON/FANDOM: Now You See Me
    CANON POINT: Just prior to the New Orleans magic show.
    NAME: Henley Reeves
    AGE: 27
    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
    SPECIES: Human
    PB: Isla Fisher
    WHAT'S ON THEM WHEN THEY ARRIVE?: a deck of cards, her wallet (driver’s license, sixty dollars and some odd change, library card, credit card, and a few sticks of chewing gum), the clothes on her back (black pants, black button down shirt, burgundy jacket, black gloves)
    WHAT JOB WOULD YOU LIKE THEM HAVE?: Illusionist Assistant

    1. Henley is reasonably good with sleight of hand. She learned card tricks before any other sort of trick, so she’s pretty good at sneaking things past even those who watch her very closely.
    2. Henley is great at picking locks. She made her money as an escape artist, after all. She’s also great at picking complicated locks in a short amount of time.
    3. Henley is physically fit. She’s not exceptionally strong, but her job has given her slightly above average strength, above average stamina, and the ability to hold her breath for a very long time.
    4. Henley knows quite a few basic tricks. She can even juggle a little bit.

    Henley is a very talented woman. She’d be an asset to the carnival. She’s also the type to not shy away from adventure and while she might try to shout at Management, she’ll probably stick with the carnival through thick and thin.
    Henley loves adventure and performing. She gets both out of this current arrangement! She also gets an escape from the FBI who are currently trying to track her down back home.

    While not an insecure person, Henley does have insecurities. Some of them stem from her relationship with Daniel Atlas who was an overly critical boss when she worked with him, but others have been with her for as long as she can remember. Henley is tough to get to, though. She has what seems to be a thick skin and hardly ever lets anyone know that they’ve hurt or offended her. She is not easily impressed and therefore usually tough to flirt with. In spite of her personal insecurities, Henley is very confident onstage. She never lets the audience get the upper hand in any way and holds her own as a performer. Henley really wasn’t made to be an assistant, but a headliner, and that’s why her stint as Daniel Atlas’ assistant was so unfulfilling to her. If someone is rude to her she is not above being rude right back at them, though she tries to keep her cool and appear nonchalant about any retaliation in such situations. She is also a kid at heart. She maintains her wide-eyed fascination with the magic world and though it does take something significant to impress her when she is impressed it’s significant.


    Henley Reeves had been fascinated with magic even as a child. Growing up, she was always putting on magic shows for her parents using neighbor kids as her assistants. The tricks were learned from books or bought from a magic store in the mall. It was simple stuff, but it sparked something in Henley that would last into adulthood. When she saw a classified ad in her paper advertising an opening as an assistant to a budding illusionist she immediately jumped at the opportunity. It turned out that the magician who’d placed the ad was J. Daniel Atlas, a legend already in his own mind. Henley was quickly hired as his assistant and even though Danny had an abrasive personality she found herself drawn to him. Their relationship became a little more than professional and they dated briefly, but it didn’t seem to be meant to be. As he gained fame and notoriety in the community, he became more and more critical of the job Henley did even on one occasion criticizing her weight because she couldn’t fit through a very small trap door. Henley loved magic, but not enough to stay with Danny. She quit her job and relocated to try and focus on her own show.

    It didn’t happen overnight, but it sure seemed that way. Henley quickly earned a reputation as one of the best escape artists on the circuit. She came up with dangerous and dramatic shows which she always came out of without a scratch. She knew she’d made it big when Danny, then a serious, well-known illusionist, started leaving notes on her website. They were anonymous, but everything she knew about the man indicated that he was the one writing the messages.

    Henley organized a show in which she was dropped into a tank of water. She told the audience she’d have one minute to escape and swim out before a tank of hungry piranhas would be dropped into the other tank along with her. It was a trick she was proud to have come up with. She barely made it within the time limit and was about to climb out when the piranhas were dumped in. There was a frenzy in the water and soon blood was mixing in with the thrashing water. The crowd had begun to panic when all of the sudden a very wet Henley appeared in the audience, declaring the trick sadistic with a grin on her face. She didn’t know it, but that would be the trick that would change her life. When everyone but Henley had left the performance area and she was calmly toweling off she spotted a tarot card, The High Priestess, submerged in the tank of water. On the back of the card were instructions, an address and a date when she’d be expected to show up there.

    When Henley showed up at the venue listed on the card, she found she hadn’t been the only one invited. Also there were Merritt McKinney - a talented mentalist, Jack Wilder - a young pickpocket and street magician, and who else but J. Daniel Atlas. Jack was kind enough to pick the apartment’s locked door and gain them all access. At first it seemed to be a foul, unoccupied apartment, but with a little effort it was revealed to be something much more. In the apartment were blueprints and plans for a spectacular trick and instructions from a mysterious, unnamed group of people. That was when The Four Horsemen act was born. All they had to do was carry out the plans given and see where it would take them.

    As part of the plan, the four magicians pitched their act to billionaire tycoon Arthur Tressler. They assured him that they would rake in the big bucks and make his name even more famous. Unable to resist the promise of more money, Arthur bit. He arranged their first performance at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. He didn’t know what went on behind closed doors. To complete their final trick at their first show, the Horsemen followed the instructions they’d been given upon their first meaning. First they did a complex switcheroo, replacing the money in a French bank’s main safe with lookalike bills made from flash paper. The fake money stayed in the bank, but the real bills were brought to Vegas. During the act, they dropped the three million Euro on their audience and retreated back to their suite in the hotel, waiting for their inevitable arrest.

    At the helm of the case was Agent Dylan Rhodes, reluctantly bringing with him Interpol Agent Alma Dray. Dylan seemed to be the father of all skeptics, refusing to believe what others were so quick to believe - That the trick had been true magic. With no proof of any crime, he was forced to let the Horsemen go after a little questioning and after he’d been embarrassed by Daniel. If anything, it only made him seem to want to catch the Horsemen even more. They moved on to their next performance in New Orleans with the FBI and Interpol on their tail.

    Henley was really living her dream. She’d gained more fame as part of the Horsemen than she’d ever earned as a solo act. More importantly, she’d made friends with the others. In New Orleans she performed with Danny again, but less in an assistant role and more as his equal. They dazzled the audience together with their tricks.

    As it had been in Vegas, the final trick was the most important one. They invited their billionaire benefactor onstage with them, presenting Arthur with a large card that had his bank balance written on it. With a flash of light, the number started to get smaller and it took an audience member to point out that the money was going straight into the accounts of those in the audience. As it turned out, the audience members were all victims of Hurricaine Katrina and Tressler’s company had denied their insurance claims. The Horsemen had cleverly pried information from Tressler, like his first pet and his mother’s maiden name, to gain access to his bank account. They simply smiled, informed him that they’d left him his jet and expensive car, and vanished just as the FBI were about to apprehend them again.

    At this point, the Four Horsemen had become legends similar to Robin Hood with their grand acts of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. They’d fled to New York City for a previously unannounced performance. This time, though, they had more than the FBI on their tail. An enraged Arthur Tressler had hired Thaddeus Bradley, a former magician who now made his money by blowing the lid off of others’ tricks. In short, he exposed magicians as tricksters.

    Agent Rhodes believed himself to be a step ahead of all of them, especially when he learned of their New York City hideout. Henley, Daniel, and Merritt all made it out, escaping the FBI without a hitch. Jack, however, was left behind to burn evidence in the fireplace. Rhodes and another agent made it up to the hideout, but Jack managed to hold them off. In a very resourceful move, he picked up playing cards that had been laying about and tossed them one at a time at Agent Rhodes buying himself the time needed to grab a car and drive off.

    Rhodes and Alma chased after him on a bridge, only to see Jack’s car flip. Rhodes hurried, trying to save Jack from the burning wreck but only being able to gather a document that the magician had in his hand. Agent Rhodes got away just in time as the car exploded, not knowing that Jack Wilder had not actually perished in the accident.

    The chase had been just another one of the Horsemen’s tricks. During the chase on the busy bridge, Jack’s car had been switched with one that contained a cadaver dressed in clothes similar to Jack’s. Now that the FBI believed him dead, he could help with the final trick while the other three horsemen remained in the spotlight.

    Like the trick in Las Vegas, the trick set up for the night would involve a switcheroo. Jack made it appear that a safe of money had been stolen from a location, forcing the FBI to track it down. They did in fact find a safe after some chasing, but at the last moment found that it was the wrong safe. Instead of containing money, all their safe held were hundreds of colorful balloon animals. The FBI were made out to be fools and while they were preoccupied with the fake safe Henley, Merritt, and Daniel appeared on top of the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center. They gave a goodbye to the massive crowd and seemed to jump off the building, appearing to turn into a mass of dollar bills that fell onto the excited crowd. At first it seemed very similar to what the Horsemen had done in Vegas, but upon closer inspection the bills were shown to have pictures of the Horsemen in place of pictures of presidents. The money given to the crowd was fake. The question seemed to be, who had the real stolen money?

    Thaddeus Bradley had thought his involvement with the Horsemen was done, but as he retreated from the scene to his car he found it stuffed with the stolen money. Before he had time to remedy the situation, the FBI caught him seemingly redhanded. He’d been blackmailed, but convincingly so, leaving someone to take the blame for the Horsemen’s actions.

    The last instructions the Horsemen had gotten were to meet in Central Park, which they did. Henley, Merritt, and Daniel stopped once they’d reached a padlocked gate, unsure of how to get past the lock. They were met by a grinning Jack Wilder, once again informing them that nothing was ever locked, who then let them in. The four magicians wandered around, looking for some sort of sign. They stopped at a famous site, a playing card encased in a tree by famous dead magician Lionel Shrike. Their tarot card invitations served as a sort of key. When combined, they fit perfectly into a spot near the playing card in the tree and the place lit up. The mysterious ‘fifth horseman’ who had been feeding them instructions finally revealed himself - It was the man they’d assumed to be FBI Agent Rhodes. Really, he was Lionel Shrike’s son and part of an organization known at the Eye Of Horus, an organization whose purpose was to preserve magic and use it as a way to even the scales of justice. Now that the Four Horsemen had completed their given tasks, they were to be welcomed as members of the Eye of Horus. Henley instinctively found herself holding Danny’s hand, the bitterness between the two of them seemingly vanished into thin air. Her future was uncertain as were the futures of all the others, but Henley had a good gut feeling about hers.

    I’m already in the game.
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